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of the rotary nasal engine with inner combustion – OM engine, according to the technical expertise, analysis and engine calculations:

  • is an engine with a completely new, remarkably unique and advantageous concept,
  • is an original solution,
  • is technically realisable,
  • is innovative,
  • OM engine has single construction, consists of a remarkably low number of parts: from one solid case (the block of the engine) and of two (three) movable – centrically rotating parts, compared to a comparable twin-cylinder four-stroke engine (18 movable parts), or an equivalent four-cylinder four-stroke engine (35 movable parts),
  • based on the presented documentation - technical expertise, analysis and engine calculations, it is obvious that the OM engine’s parameters are more advantageous compared to present-days conventional engines,
  • volumetric proportions are at least one third smaller when compared to a comparable piston engine.
  • operating cycle of the rotary nasal engine has four phases, as it is in the case of a conventional four-stroke combustion engine, possibly six phases,
  • the OM engine offers a wide range of configuration arrangement possibilities (for example more rotors, parallelly operating sets of engines, etc.),
Example of connection of the rotary nasal engine sets – option I.
  • possibility to place the OM engine more appropriately inside the mechanism, thanks to smaller and compact size (for example, in the case of a car – in its centre, near the centre of gravity, or by the individual wheels of the car),
  • potential problems, which might occur are with the technologies and material available easily solvable.
Rotors with two and four noses of the rotary nasal engine – OM engine